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Prof. Roshan Taneja
Professor Roshan Taneja, veteran Indian Guru of Acting, has been teaching acting for over 50 years today. Prof. Roshan Taneja, founder and former head of the acting department at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. He is accredited with training many of India's leading Film, Theater and TV actors for four decades, besides nurturing the talents of a host of other actors Having trained at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater, New York, under legendary American Guru of Acting, late Mr. Sanford Meisner and Mr. Sidney Pollack; Professor Taneja is not only one of the first teachers of Acting in India, but also the pioneer of Method Acting in India Mr. Taneja is a database of knowledge and experience on acting. He has an answer to almost any problem that an actor can have. A very modest and unassuming man, his long list of achievements can be seen on the Student List page .   Professor Roshan Taneja, an Indian Acting Guru and a Well Known Teacher of Acting in India Founder of Acting School Offering Film Acting Courses, Television Acting Courses and Theatre Acting Courses.
Mrs. Mithika Taneja
Mrs. Mithika Taneja is a Diploma Holder in Cinema from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. After Roshan Taneja School of Acting was established in Bombay (Mumbai) by Mr. Roshan Taneja, Mrs. Taneja partially assisted him with the classes, and in 1986-87 trained under him in acting. Ever since she has been an active part of the institution and the acting course. She conducts the Diction classes and Spot Speech classes, and is reputed for her exacting nature as a teacher. Such is her stringency for Diction that many students coming from different parts of India (or the world) with various regional accents have "got rid"of it and adapted to the pure Hindustani accent.   Professional Acting Teacher Providing Diction Classes, Spot Speech Classes.
Mr. Harish Magan
Diploma in Acting from F.T.I.I., Pune, 1974 batch- Instructor at Prof. Roshan Taneja's School of Acting for over 15 years (1976-85, 90-92, 08-10). Conducts classes in Voice, Concentration, Marks, Movement..   Instructor at Prof. Roshan Taneja's School of Acting.
Mr. Saurabh Pathak
Mr. Saurabh Pathak is a commerce graduate from Indore. He came to Roshan Taneja School Of Acting in the new millennium and successfully completed his acting course. He had been an active part of the Marathi theatre long before he even started the acting course. He once acted in a play in which he had played over 30 characters. That''''''''''''''''s right, thirty! He is the youngest instructor in the institute and has a great rapport with most students of all batches.    Acting Instructor Teaching Film Acting, Theatre Acting in India.
Mr Madan Jain
He has been an Ex student of this premier institute with Anil Kapoor, Gulshan Grover and Mazhar Khan as his batch mates.He has been a respected Actor in Film & Television since 1982.and has been associated with Roshan Taneja School of Acting as a teacher since 2010. He takes classes in Action Problem / Subjective Study & Scene Study.   Faculty at Roshan Taneja School of Acting.
Mr. Rajiv Dwivedi
Diploma in Acting from Prof: Taneja's Actors Studio -1994 batch. Conducts classes in Action.   Conducts Classes in Action.
Mr. Krishna Suri
Conducts classes in Dance.   Conducts Classes in Action.
Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Sharma
Diploma in Acting from Prof: Taneja's Actors Studio -1980 batch. Conducts classes in Yoga.   Conducts Yoga Classes.
Mr Shailendra Singh
An Ex Student of Prof:Taneja at the F.T.I.I Pune between 1971-73 . He has been a successful Playback Singer for many years and is the voice behind hit films such as Bobby, Sagar, and many more. He takes classes in Singing and Voice.   Conducts Classes in Singing and Voice
Mr. Atikk Shaikh
Hardcore is 14 years old baby now ,unleashed by Atikk Sir in 1996 started as souly training institute for fitness professional, Martial Artist, Nutrition professional, Tattoo and Piercing artist, Spa attendant, Pool operators, Fitness instructors, Personal trainers and Dietician to get full legitimate, scientific information about techniques, Sports-nutrition and Sports science to practice in Fitness & Beauty industry.

Atikk is a young, energetic and dynamic instructor who is extremely passionate about his job. We are privileged to have him on board as our health, fitness and nutrition expert. For further details visit his site -
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