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Welcome to Roshan Taneja School of Acting

Whether you are starting out or a professional actor, the ROSHAN TANEJA SCHOOL OF ACTING provides you with the best training. Actors preparing to embark on their Careers can obtain a huge advantage over their competitors by receiving exceptional acting training prior to their move.


Why are some choices more powerful than others?
How does one deliver a raw unforgettable performance?
What specific tools can be applied to Film or Television work?
How does one understand material?

You will learn on camera skills so that you can work on any type of shoot, Learn the best acting techniques for film acting & auditioning. Work on material to prepare for Casting. Learn to become a great actor.

About Roshan Taneja

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Late Professor Roshan Taneja was the Founder and former Head of the Acting Department at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. He was not only one of the firsts, but also the pioneer and best teachers of Method Acting in India. His school, the ROSHAN TANEJA SCHOOL OF ACTING, is universally acknowledged to be amongst the Top Acting Schools in Mumbai and India.

His intense interest in acting took him to New York at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre to train under the famous Sanford Meisner & Sydney Pollack, who went on to become an Academy Award winning Director.

The experience at the Film Institute where he conducted a 2 Year course was the most enriching one for Professor Taneja. The Film Institute started in 1961 but he founded the Acting Department in 1963. It was here that he came across talents like Jaya Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Shatrughan Sinha, Subhash Ghai Om Puri, Asrani, Mithun Chakraborty etc which he nurtured & who then went on to become acting legends in Bollywood. He carried on in the Film Institute till 1975 after which he resigned and came to Bombay to start his own institute in 1976.

He had been teaching acting for over 55 years and is accredited with training not only many of India’s leading Film, Theatre and TV actors but also their children. Most of the stars prefer that their kids opt for at least a stint in his academy before they begin their acting career. Well known actors including Anil Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgun, Abhishekh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Emraan Hashmi, Rani Mukherji, Sonam Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Tabu, Manisha Koirala Gulshan Grover, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol to name a few have been his students, besides nurturing the talents of a host of other actors.

The ROSHAN TANEJA SCHOOL OF ACTING provides a 4-Month Comprehensive Diploma Course for aspiring & professional actors keeping in mind the current trends & requirements of the industry. Actors are trained with the professional course and curriculum designed by Prof. Roshan Taneja himself.

The acting methodology at ROSHAN TANEJA SCHOOL OF ACTING has evolved over the years after struggling with the bad practices that prevailed. The students are made to do exercises, which would automatically eliminate the vestiges of bad acting learnt in amateur dramatics or observed in the acting of actors who generally employ clichés and conventional tricks while working in films. The process continues with chopping and changing of exercises and scenes to suit the times, keeping in mind that the universality of emotions and feeling remains the same, it doesn’t change with time.

The course content includes several Acting exercises, Movement and Voice, Diction, Speech and also allied courses like Dance, Action and Yoga under the supervision of some of the best in the business. The course also includes making of Portfolios and regular Shooting of Acting exercises on camera which are used for analytical proposes as well as serve as show reels of students for presentation to producers.

All these unmatched facilities have led to the BRANDS ACADEMY awarding it the BEST ACTING SCHOOL IN INDIA for 2 years in a row. After completion of the acting course the student emerges as an actor who is now ready to act “truthfully.”

Like his Guru Mr. Sanford Meisner, Prof. Roshan Taneja too has not only become an inspiration and role model for many in this industry but also for the ones who perceive a dream to come into this industry.


The curriculum at RTSA is the result of the professional experience of Prof. Roshan Taneja, founder and former head of the acting department at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. The Acting course is based on the program developed by the renowned acting guru, late Mr. Stanford Meisner at the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theater, New York.

The four month, full-time course is a step-by-step procedure of self investigation for the actor in training. Through the work, the actor in training investigates in-depth, his/her own instrument in order to expand and widen the range of oneself, and respond to the subtleties of the complex and delicate human emotional relationships and situations that an actor faces each time he prepares a new role. The student’s focus is kept on what he himself can do truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Thus, misconceptions are shed, new techniques gained and the actor emerges after 4 months, more of an honest human being who is now ready to “act” truthfully

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Course curriculum incudes the following main topics.

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As against a dialogue, which takes place between two or more people, it is a text for an individual actor. It’s like a soliloquy.


An all encompassive exercise for emotional lumbering as against physical lumbering in a gym. It is an Actor’s laboratory where an Actor finds his emotional reach and range. It is the most important exercise for an Actor as it makes him go through different set of given circumstances meaning situations.


An exercise for an actor, to expand his range of imagination. Most essential because he’s always dealing with imaginary given circumstances and must believe in it himself for an audience to believe in it.

Action Problem

Is an exercise for improving one’s concentration, which is most important for an Actor as it allows him complete involvement while he is in the throes of emotional tangles.

Subjective Study

The object becomes the subject of study for the Actor.
Object like Bench in a park. Telephone Booth in a busy railway station or loud disturbance. Bus station. An old tree in a jungle. Ten rupee note etc.
The actor / student takes on one of the above objects and tries to feel their experiences of night and day over different senses and over so many years.

Sense Memory

To make the actor aware of all the senses and experience them afresh. Different exercises based on all the five senses are given to students. In brief all the exercises are geared towards making the actor act truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.

Alexander Technique

To correct the overall posture.

Scene Study

Is played between two student actors with given dialogues,to experience feelings and emotions through the given circumstances in the scene.

Voice Culture

Training in effective habits of the speaking voice.

Diction & Spot Monologue

Problems of oral interpretation. Removing of any coloration of accents in one’s speech from regional influences and for clear and chaste pronunciation.

Camera Marks

Camera marks are placed on the floor according to light positions and camera movement. The actor has to come to the mark without looking at it while still involved in the scene.


For Voice improvement.

Dubbing Practice

Practise of Dubbing in a sound studio.

Bollywood Dance

Varied Dance steps.


Various action exercises as per industry standard.


For general well being and better breathing.

Video Analysis and recording during course

After Monologue and Scenes are rehearsed in class they are then videogpaphed for acting analysis.


Using the body as a dynamic instrument, original dances by students based upon subjective feeling for the music assigned.

Voice Placement

Nature has placed our voice at a certain place on the palate. Due to lack of awareness we tend to use our voice with wrong placement. This exercise helps the student to correct that.

Developing Voice Resonance

Resonance imparts richness to a voice. This exercise helps in developing that.


To develop better concentration that is important for complete involvement in the scenes.

Admission Procedure

Admissions are open throughout the year for the 4 month full time as well as 3 month / 2 month / 1 month crash courses. There are 3 batches each year for the full time course, start dates are announced shortly prior to the batch beginning.

Admission Requirements

Academic Qualifications

Minimum educational requirement for entry to the RTSA course is Matriculation, SSC or equivalent.

Acting Experience

No prior acting experience is required.


Basic knowledge of English and Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu) is essential.


The preferred age requirement is between 16 years and above.


Students will not be permitted to seek or accept any engagements to appear on the amateur or professional stage, or work in films during their training period. All students are required to be punctual and have an attendance of at least 90% in class. Diplomas will not be awarded to students whose attendance is not up to the mark.

The school reserves the right of suspending, removing or taking any other disciplinary action against any student at any stage for misbehavior, misconduct or any other good and sufficient reason, which may be detrimental to the welfare of the school as a whole or of the students.

No leaves of absence are granted. Excessive absence, class cuts and tardiness leads to dismissal.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Roshan Taneja School of Acting ?

While other acting schools take in large numbers of students in each batch, at RTSA the acting classes are limited in size, ensuring one to one interaction, promoting the individual development of every student. Coaching is directed to address individual problems for each student and ample importance is given to individuals to improve on their particular weaknesses in acting class.

Why is it that most institutions offer a 3 month acting course while Roshan Taneja School of Acting has a 4 month course?

That is because we are dedicated to teaching acting through best acting course rather than running an acting school. We strongly believe that even 4 months is less time to actually train an actor in our best acting school, but to be competitive in the market, it was crucial to shorten the length of the best acting course while still preserving its most essential elements.

Can a person learn acting in 4 months?

Talent is something you already possess. A teacher can only groom it and blossom it or help you bring it out of yourself in acting classes. Many great actors have taken years to gain mastery over their art. It is only the dedication and discipline of an actor to learn and practice which will make him a good actor. 4 months would be the minimum amount of time required to groom an actor.

Does this course assure me work in the film/television industry?

An Actor needs a platform to showcase his/her talent. We have tied up with leading Film+TV production houses and will provide all students with productive references. We will also forward our students to auditions all over.

Is it necessary to learn all the subjects mentioned on the curriculum page?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to learn all the subjects mentioned on the curriculum page. Most of these subjects are the basic elements of learning acting, which if not learnt or undertaken with best defined acting course in acting classes, cannot help the actor achieve what he/she is here for. Some subjects like Dance and Action (Fights) are important considering the requirements of the Film Industry(ies).

Will I be made a show reel at the end of the course?

Yes, a professionally shot & packaged show-reel is handed over to all the students after completing their 4 months course.

Does Roshan Taneja School of Acting provide for/with housing for students from outside Mumbai?

We guide students upon where they can get accommodation as per their requirements. We are here for your help and we can suggest you places or people who can provide/help you getting accommodation in Mumbai. Also, students can contact ex-students of Roshan Taneja School of Acting, (who are from outside Mumbai) for housing in the city, or take assistance of their own batch mates who are willing to help.

What is the cost of the course?

The course fees are subject to change (for any course) without prior notice. Hence, please contact us by calling or through the online Inquiry form to know the exact details.

Can I professionally work alongside while undertaking the course?

There are many working professionals who undertake the best acting course while continuing with their jobs/businesses alongside. We do not have anything against this, except that we want them to give their 100% while in the acting class and complete all the exercises and homework given to them, while maintaining at least a 90% attendance level in acting classes of our best acting school. Besides them, we strongly oppose students taking up assignments or projects that require them to 'act' on a professional or amateur level in any field - be it films, advertisements, theatre or television. The ineptitude of the student due to a lack of training would be demeaning for both the student and the institution. Hence, please avoid any professional commitments during the acting course.